About Sunthorn Museum

In your entire life, Have you ever seen these priceless antiques before ?

Sunthorn Museum was established by Mr. Sunthorn Chunothaisawat who falls in love with antiques around the world. Spending more than ten years in order to collect all these things, he decided to open Sunthorn Museum to give an opportunity for everyone to appreciate what older generation people crafted and made these collections.

Come and see with your own eyes, The Greatest Exhibition of invaluable Antiques from different periods around the world such as Clocks, Toys made of Zinc, BMW Motorcycle, etc. You can see examples of our collections in the Gallery page.

IF you are interested in our collections or anitiques, Please contact us, we are welcome to sell them to you with a reasonable price. Contact us via Phone on the contacts page.

Sunthorn Museum on TV

“You will see What you haven’t seen before here”